CSU STEM Collaboratives


On April 8, 2015,  the Chancellor’s Office and CSU STEM Collaboratives will host a one-day workshop at Cal Poly Pomona for STEM leadership.  The purpose will be to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current STEM education in the CSU, to inform future consortial grant proposals.

The meeting arose at the suggestion of James Minor, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Education.  Minor wrote to the Chancellor last December, proposing we convene the seven CSU campuses who received HSI STEM funding, now in its last year of a four-year grant.  He suggested they might compare interventions and outcomes, in a model very similar to the one we’re using in STEM Collaboratives, our Helmsley-funded project to strengthen first-year STEM education.

Stay tuned for more details regarding this workshop!