GASB 34 & 35 Implementation Projects



Ruth Stipp (project manager), George Pardon, Ed Bulinsky (not confirmed), Laleh Graylee, and more individuals from campuses yet to be identified

Management Discussion and Analysis

Bill Musselman (project manager), Ron Basich, Ken Perry, and an FOA representative (to be determined)

Financial Reporting Model

Brian Dahm (project manager), Ruth Stipp, Leslie Chase, Sedong John, Laleh Graylee, Cecilia Patz, Kathrine Hughes, Ron Basich, Richard Loucks, and Michelle Korte

Auxiliary Org Reporting

Ellene Gibbs (project manager), Jim Van Ness, Justin Crossno, Tom McCarron, Leticia Coate, Ben Figueroa, and an AOA representative (to be decided in cooperation with Pearl Chang)

Segment Reporting

Cecilia Patz (project manager), Ken Perry, Rosa Renaud, and Ben Figuroa

Capital Assets & Infrastructure

Leslie Chase, Ruth Stipp, Donna Sorenson, George Pardon, Jim Van Ness, Michelle Korte, and Bob Schultz

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Last updated: September 18, 2002

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