Outreach and Recruitment

CSU outreach, student preparation, and retention programs provide information to California's diverse student population enrolled in California schools and provided services that allow students to succeed in baccalaureate study. CSU outreach and retention program services are available to all students who believe they will benefit from these programs. Some programs may provide enhanced services to students who are disadvantaged educationally and/or economically. Outreach programs provide information about higher education opportunities and assist students in making appropriate educational choices.

Outreach, student preparation, and retention programs provide the information necessary for the students to learn about higher educational opportunities and assist them in qualifying for and gaining access to the program that meets their educational, vocational, and social goals. Financial assistance and scholarship programs provide a strong incentive for students to raise their academic aspirations and performance in high school college preparatory courses. Programs that provide retention services complement outreach services by ensuring student support services will be available to students as they progress in their baccalaureate studies.

CSU outreach programs have a distinct mission and clientele. These programs target different students at various points in the educational pipeline. Outreach programs developed and implemented by individual CSU campuses are not included in this document. The descriptions contained in this document present only CSU's systemwide initiatives to improve student preparation and access. The following examples of CSU systemwide outreach programs are divided into categories of students served: K-12 Preparation Programs, Access and Achievement of High School & Community College Students, and Retention and Achievement of CSU Students.

CSU Outreach Report 2015-2016 (.pdf)
CSU Outreach Report 2014-2015 (.pdf)
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K-12 Preparation Programs

University Students Providing Academic Assistance to K-12 and Community College Students

This program provides outreach services and assists educationally-disadvantaged students who need support in strengthening their English and mathematics skills at the K-12 and community college level. CSU students, selected and trained by faculty, advise K-12 and community college students regarding CSU admission requirements, career opportunities, financial aid, and academic programs. These activities strengthen academic preparation by encouraging high school students to complete the college preparatory course pattern and community college students to pursue courses that apply toward a baccalaureate degree.

College Readiness Program

The College Readiness Program (CRP), a collaborative program between the CSU and the California Department of Education (CDE), provides academic enrichment for students who are educationally or economically disadvantaged in 21 selected middle schools using trained student interns from five CSU campuses. This program is designed to improve the academic preparation and college-going rates of students who have demonstrated an ability to succeed in college.

Access and Achievement of High School/Community College Students

Student Academic Services Outreach Program

The Student Academic Services Program provides outreach services designed to inform students and their parents about admission requirements, financial aid, and educational opportunities available at CSU campuses. This comprehensive program provides activities high school and community college students which include presentations at school sites, participation in college and parent nights, development of outreach brochures, videos, posters, and folders. These programs offer special outreach events that include admission and financial aid staff and faculty representatives from academic departments. The program strengthens college preparation and support for students preparing to enter a postsecondary institution.


Step-to-College, established in 1986, allows campuses to waive or reduce admission and registration fees for high school juniors and seniors who enroll in one or two regular university courses per term. Participating high schools screen and recommend students to the program which allows promising educationally attendance, gain familiarity with a postsecondary institution while earning college credit in baccalaureate courses.

Retention and Achievement of CSU Students

Claudia H. Hampton Scholarship Program

Established in 1992, the Claudia H. Hampton Scholarship provides four-year scholarships in the amount of $3,000 annually to students who graduate from high schools with low-college-going rates. Students must meet regular admission requirements as freshmen.

CSU Scholarship Program for Future Scholars

The Future Scholars program is an effort to increase the college participation rates of disadvantaged students. The program provides scholarships for CSU students who meet regular CSU admission requirements and who are educationally disadvantaged. Indicators of educational disadvantages include little or no family background in elementary or secondary education, first in the family to and lack of parental encouragement to pursue postsecondary education, low socioeconomic level of school population, low ranking of school on statewide tests, or applicant not counseled toward higher education. Awards are made to first-time freshmen and transfer students on the basis of their potential to succeed at the college level. Scholarship funds are awarded at an average of $1,000 per student and are included as part of the student's financial aid package.

Faculty and Faculty-Student Mentoring Outreach Programs (FMP / FSMP)

These programs are designed to increase the retention of CSU students by increasing the role of faculty in retention activities outside the classroom and of CSU student peer mentors. Faculty train and supervise CSU student peer counselors. CSU students who are in need of academic assistance are paired with peer counselors pursuing the same major or with faculty in the major department. Faculty members assist students in understanding course concepts or material in which they are experiencing difficulty.

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