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Campus Admission-Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources

All of the California State University campuses welcome first-time freshman applicants. The Master Plan for Higher Education was designed to ensure access to all eligible first-time freshmen to attend a California State University (CSU). A first-time freshman is a student who has earned no college credit beyond the summer immediately following high school graduation.

The CSU requires first-time freshman applicants to complete, with a grade of C or higher in each course, a 15-unit comprehensive “a-g” pattern of college preparatory coursework. First-time freshman applicants must meet minimum eligibility requirements and complete placement tests.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this publication is for academic year 2018-19. Information is current as of September 2017 and therefore subject to change without prior notice. Please visit the CSU campus websites or contact the specific campus for up-to-date information.