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In January of 1996, the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees introduced a plan to reduce the need for remediation in English and mathematics to not more than ten percent of regularly admitted new freshman by 2007. To assist in this endeavor, the Collaborative Academic Preparation Initiative (CAPI) was implemented at 19 CSU campuses to assist those high schools with the highest number of students needing remediation upon entry to the CSU. Since the inception of CAPI in 1999 great strides have been made in reducing the need for remediation in mathematics. However, remediation in English has remained about the same for the last two years. Last year, we began to hear from CAPI directors and CSU and high school English faculty participating in the CAPI project about the inability of many high school students to read effectively. Many English faculty shared with us that they were discovering that one of the key problems with the acquisition of English skills in high school was more a function of the inability of some students to read rather than problems with composition. In response to the identification of this need, CSU in collaboration with the University of California will offer a special California Professional Development Institute (CPDI) in Reading in cooperation with the CSU CAPI and Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) programs. This Reading CPDI will address the specific needs of those 11th grade students who meet regular CSU admission requirements, i.e., those in the upper one-third of their high school graduating class who complete four years of high school English, but who still need remedial courses prior to entering college level English courses. This new Reading CPDI will be implemented in two phases with the first phase beginning in February of 2002 and the second phase in the summer of 2002. All Institutes will have the same 120-hour curriculum, which will involve 10 modules addressing the specific reading needs of students needing remedial course work. Participants may earn a stipend by meeting CAPI/CPDI-Reading Institute expectations. Each CAPI/PAD program has the opportunity to form a partnership with an existing Secondary CPDI or respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for their own CPDI for 2002/03.

In order to provide you with support materials you may need while implementing your regional CAPI Reading CPDI, we have added the hyperlinks below from the January 2002 CAPI Reading CPDI Leadership Training Workshop. You may download the PDF's and distribute as needed.


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2002 Leadership Training Workshop January 25-26 Agenda & Introduction
Reading Institute Portfolio Table of Contents
Portfolio Part I-Institute Plans, Resources, Glossary of Acronyms
Portolio Part II-English Placement Test Materials
Portfolio Part III-Reading Research and Theory
Portfolio Part IV-CA Reading/Language Arts Standards and Framework
Portfolio Part V-CAPI/CPDI Assessments
Portfolio Part VI-Planning for Effective Instruction
Portfolio Part VII-Reading Reflections, Strategies Log, Team Plan, and Journal
Reading Institute Assessments
San Diego State University Regional Collaboration

CPDI Application Documents (PDF):
CPDI Application
CPDI Team Application
CPDI Individual Application
CPDI Application Instructions

CPDI Application Documents (MS WORD):
CPDI Application
CPDI Team Application
CPDI Individual Application
CPDI Application Instructions

Reading/Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools
English-Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools
CSU Focus on English

CPDI California Professional Development Institutes Homepage

CAPI Reading CPDI Listserve -
If you are interested in joining the statewide CAPI Reading CPDI listserve, please send your request to Dian Hunter at Dian will add you to the list and you will receive an invitation from yahoo with a message from Dian and instructions for getting a user id and password for joining the group. As moderator and group creator Dian must add your email addresses.

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