CSU Quality Improvement

Department Vision

Quality and continuous improvement are incorporated in every aspect of CSU operations and instructional delivery.

Department Mission

In support of Access to Excellence and the CSU’s mission to provide affordable access to education that is high-quality, learning-centered, and outcomes-based, CSU Quality Initiatives (QI) will act as a catalyst for continuous improvement throughout the university system by communicating and supporting strategies and activities related to:

  • Quality concepts training and education
  • Cross-campus collaboration and information sharing
  • Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness and identification of best practices

Department History

The QI Department has promoted continuous quality and productivity improvement and knowledge sharing across the CSU since 1993. The department was formed to help support campus and Chancellor’s Office quality improvement efforts and resides in the Business and Finance division of the Chancellors Office, reporting to the Senior Director of Fiscal Control and Special Initiatives. 


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Alexis Naiknimbalkar
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Last Updated: April 12, 2012