California State University Statement on UAW Strike


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(December 9, 2008) –The California State University and the United Auto Workers who represents 6,800 student teaching assistants have been engaged in collective bargaining and have reached agreement on all issues but fee waivers. 

The CSU is disappointed that the UAW has announced that its members will strike at CSU campuses starting tomorrow. While the UAW claims that it has the right to strike because of alleged unfair labor practices by the CSU, the CSU’s position is that it has bargained in good-faith and that a strike at this time is unlawful.

The CSU is prepared to take appropriate legal actions, should the UAW proceed with their planned concerted activities.

The CSU estimates that the UAW’s proposal to grant full fee waivers, and thus provide a free education for nearly 6,800 bargaining unit members, costs between $8 and $11 million per year. 

“In light of the current fiscal crisis in California, and throughout the nation, we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect as many jobs as possible for the people who serve the CSU,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.  “The state’s economy is in a free fall, and we are forced to make very difficult budget decisions.  The preservation of jobs and the maintenance of quality in our institutions is vital, and that needs to be the focus of our efforts.

“The CSU remains most concerned about the impact on students as they begin their final exams."



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