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TRANSCRIPT: Budget Cuts, Reduced Enrollment Make Applying Early Crucial

Jim Blackburn and Teresa Ruiz of the California State University.

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Teresa Ruiz: Hello this is Teresa Ruiz with the California State University and today we will be discussing Cal State's changes to enrollment for the 2010, 11 academic year. I'm here with Jim Blackburn CSU Director of Enrollment Management Services. Thanks for joining us Jim.

Jim Blackburn: Glad to be here.

Teresa Ruiz: So the CSU has been undergoing some drastic changes due to a $564 million cut in state funding. Can you tell us how this has impacted the number of students we can enroll?

Jim Blackburn: Well it's going to be quite challenging. We will need over the next 2 years to enroll 40,000 fewer students in order to guarantee the same quality that Californian's have grown to expect from the CSU.

Teresa Ruiz: So what does this mean for new students who are looking to attend a CSU?

Jim Blackburn: Well it means several things Teresa they need to pay very close attention to the deadlines for applying to admission, November 30th in the case of many campuses. They need to have a backup plan; a campus that would perhaps be accessible to them if their first choice has not been able to admit them. Quite often a good second choice is the local campus, the campus nearest a student's home where often there is additional priority for local residents.

Teresa Ruiz: Now we both know that applying to college can be a lengthy experience is there advantage to applying early I know you mentioned a little bit.

Jim Blackburn:  Yes there is and it's certainly not a first come first serve phenomenon but everybody who applies before midnight on November 30th will receive equal consideration and for 12 of our campuses there will be no consideration of anybody who tries to apply after November 30th. In the remaining 11 it's possible that applying after November 30th would become 1 of the criteria that was considered in deciding about admission.

Teresa Ruiz: Speaking of those admissions requirements are they being raised? I know that a lot of students have heard that.

Jim Blackburn: In a matter of speaking yes because on the 12 campuses that are in the lingo impacted those campuses will be permitted to use higher admission standards in selecting their class so be completely driven by how many people apply and how well qualified they are so it's entirely possible that not everybody who meets the state minimum will be admitted to those 12 campuses.

Teresa Ruiz: Lastly, can you tell us if you've seen any major changes in the amount of applications we have seen so far?

Jim Blackburn: It's been quite remarkable. We have had significant changes looking at it just yesterday freshman applications are up about 40%, transfer applications are up like 150% and we'll just have to see how this goes across the cycle but there's certainly been a significantly increased interest in early application.

Teresa Ruiz: Well thanks for taking the time to speak with us today Jim we really appreciate it and I'm sure we'll hear more from you on this topic soon. And if you'd like more information about applying to the CSU including admission requirements and the campus is still accepting applications, please visit

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