2014 Facts About the CSU

Chancellor Timothy P. White


Responsibility for the CSU is vested in a 25-member Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are appointed by the governor to eight-year terms.

Faculty, alumni and two student trustees serve two-year terms. The trustees appoint the chancellor, who is the system’s chief executive officer, and the presidents, who are the chief executive officers on their respective campuses and who report to the chancellor. The trustees, chancellor and presidents develop systemwide policies.

Board of Trustees

Ex Officio Members

Governor Edmund (Jerry) G. Brown, Jr.
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom
Speaker of the Assembly John A. Pérez
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White

Appointed Members (term ends during the year given)

Appointed Members Year
Roberta Achtenberg 2015
Talar Alexanian (Student Trustee, non-voting) 2015
Adam Day 2015
Rebecca D. Eisen 2018
Douglas Faigin 2017
Debra S. Farar 2022
Margaret Fortune 2016
Lupe C. Garcia 2020
Steven M. Glazer 2019
Bob Linscheid, Chair (Alumni Trustee) 2014
Lillian Kimbell-Del Bosque 2016
Lou Monville, Vice Chair 2016
Hugo N. Morales 2020
J. Lawrence Norton 2019
Steven Stepanek (Faculty Trustee) 2015
Cipriano Vargas (Student Trustee, voting) 2014

Administrative Leaders

Timothy P. White, Chancellor
Ephraim P. Smith, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
Steve Relyea, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Framroze Virjee, Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
Gail Brooks, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Garrett P. Ashley, Vice Chancellor, University Relations and Advancement
Larry Mandel, Vice Chancellor and Chief Audit Officer

Campus Presidents (date is the appointment year)

Campus President Year
Bakersfield Horace Mitchell 2004
Channel Islands Richard R. Rush 2001
Chico Paul J. Zingg 2004
Dominguez Hills Willie J. Hagan 2012
East Bay Leroy M. Morishita 2011
Fresno Joseph I. Castro 2013
Fullerton Mildred García 2012
Humboldt Rollin C. Richmond 2002
Long Beach Donald J. Para (Interim 2013)
Los Angeles William A. Covino 2013
Maritime Academy Thomas A. Cropper 2012
Monterey Bay Eduardo M. Ochoa 2012
Northridge Dianne F. Harrison 2012
Pomona J. Michael Ortiz 2003
Sacramento Alexander Gonzalez 2003
San Bernardino Tomás D. Morales 2012
San Diego Elliot Hirshman 2011
San Francisco Leslie E. Wong 2012
San José Mohammad H. Qayoumi 2011
San Luis Obispo Jeffrey D. Armstrong 2011
San Marcos Karen S. Haynes 2004
Sonoma Ruben Armiñana 1992
Stanislaus Joseph F. Sheley 2012

Note: Leadership is as of April 2014. For a current list and links to the biographies of trustees, administrative officers and campus presidents, visit CSU Board of Trustees.