2014 Facts About the CSU

CSU Donors and Supporters

Philanthropic Support 2012-13

Much of the CSU’s success is possible due to the generous contributions of CSU donors and supporters. This year, CSU charitable gift receipts were the highest ever in CSU history. This support represents a critical investment in the future as the CSU prepares the engineers, artists, health care workers, teachers, entrepreneurs and scientists of tomorrow. It also sends a key message across California that the CSU is important, worthy of ongoing support and a vital economic engine for the state.

In 2012-13:

  • Charitable gift receipts reached well over $282 million—the most in CSU history.
  • Gifts from individuals increased 27 percent to $135.8 million.
  • Individual donors totaled 221,394.
  • Alumni donors made up 33 percent of individual donors and contributed $56.5 million.
  • Gifts from organizations totaled $147 million, including $79.7 million from foundations.
  • $51.3 million from corporations, including 3,531 matching gifts, were received.
  • Donors committed more than $339 million in new gifts, new pledges and testamentary provisions.
  • Total endowment market value reached almost $1.2 billion—a historic high for the CSU system.

Auxiliary Organizations

CSU auxiliary organizations are entrepreneurial, service-oriented organizations that provide a wide array of exemplary services, programs and facilities that further the educational mission of the CSU. Totaling 91 in number, these self-supporting organizations operate without State General Funds and are organized on each campus as separate legal entities.

In 2012-13:

  • Auxiliaries managed $3.4 billion or 22 percent of the CSU’s combined $15.6 billion in total assets.
  • Auxiliary revenues reached $1.4 billion, representing 19 percent of the combined $7.3 billion in total CSU revenues.
  • Auxiliaries managed $512 million or 28% of the CSU’s $1.8 billion in contracts and grants revenue.

CSU auxiliaries fund many student extracurricular activities, sponsor research programs, fundraise, operate student unions and recreational programs, and develop public-private partnerships on behalf of the university. Visit the CSU Auxiliary Organizations Website for more information.