2014 Facts About the CSU

Faculty/Staff Demographics

Faculty and Staff Demographics

The CSU's renowned faculty are well-known for their teaching skills as well as their significant contributions to research. CSU staff and administrators provide the vital infrastructure to fulfill the CSU mission. The faculty and staff together have made the CSU a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-centered higher education.

Fall 2013 Faculty and Staff

Employees by Occupational Group Number  Percent 
 Faculty 23,146 50.9% 
 Professional and Technical 12,248 26.9% 
 Management 1,423 3.1% 
 Office & Administrative Support 4,842 10.7% 
 Service 2,162 4.8% 
 Construction, Maintenance & Transportation 1,639 3.6% 
Total 45,460 100% 

Faculty by Timebase Number  Percent 
 Full-time 11,453 49.5% 
 Part-time 11,693 50.5% 
Total 23,146 100% 

Full-Time Faculty By Major Categories of Academic Rank Number  Percent 
 Professor 4,700 41.0% 
 Associate Professor 2,706 23.6% 
 Assistant Professor 1,876 16.4% 
 Lecturer 2,171 19.0% 
Total 11,453 100% 

Note: Visit CSU Employee Profile for additional statistics and data definitions.

Research and Creative Activity

The research and creative activity of CSU faculty discovers and creates new knowledge, stimulates innovation and economic growth, recruits and retains top-tier scholars and enhances the learning environment. In field settings, laboratories, clinics and studios, the faculty are advancing the CSU’s high-quality and affordable higher education.

Total Grant & Contract Revenue

Total Employees By Occupational Group

Revenue Type Amount  Percent 
 Federal $414,527,000 71.5% 
 State $91,096,000 15.7% 
 Local Government $17,600,000 3% 
 Non-Government $57,139,000 9.8% 
Total $580,362,000 100% 

Highlights From 2012-13

  • Nearly 10,000 CSU tenured and tenure-track faculty provided innovations and solutions to complex California regional and national problems.
  • $580.3 million in external funding received by the CSU.
  • Research-engaged faculty promoted hands-on student research to enhance student competitiveness in today’s job market.
  • Access to high-end technologies through federal funding provided state-of-the-art educational experiences for the students to meet California’s current and future workforce needs in the innovation economy and prepared students for advanced degrees.
  • The CSU counted among its faculty world-renowned scholars, musicians and artists who were honored by their peers, national academic societies and at the White House.
  • Thousands of faculty-led projects with community partners advanced student discovery and promoted California regional economic development through community-based participatory research.
  • The CSU research agenda enabled innovation and enterprise to be transformed into commercial partnerships with the private sector and tangible products that benefited the region and society.