2014 Facts About the CSU

Student Costs

Student in classroom

2013-14 State University Tuition Fee
(Full-time Tuition Fee)
  • Undergraduate Programs: $5,472
  • Credential Programs: $6,348
  • Graduate and Other Postbaccalaureate
    Programs: $6,738
  • Education Doctorate: $11,118
  • Nursing Practice Doctorate: $14,340
  • Physical Therapy Doctorate: $16,148
  • Graduate Business Professional Fee: State university tuition fee plus $254 per semester unit or $169 per quarter unit
  • Out-of-State Students: State University Tuition Fee plus $372 per semester unit or $248 per quarter unit

Campus-based fees add an average of $1,223 to student costs.

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Financial Aid

76 Percent of CSU Students received Financial Aid in 2012-13 In 2012-13, approximately $3.8 billion was distributed to 319,000 students—nearly 76 percent of the CSU’s total student population. The average award was $11,770. Presidential Scholars’ programs, which provide full scholarships to National Merit and high school valedictorians, are also found at many CSU campuses.