2011 Facts About the CSU

Student holding books

Students Costs

2010-11 State University Tuition Fee (Full-time Tuition Fee)
  • Undergraduate Programs: $4,335
  • Credential Programs: $5,031
  • Graduate and Other Postbaccalaureate Programs: $5,343
  • Out-of-State Students: State University Tuition Fee plus $372 per semester unit or $248 per quarter unit
  • Education Doctorate: $9,546
  • Graduate Business Professional Fee: $220-$231/semester unit and $147-$154/quarter unit

Campus-based fees add an average of $950 to student costs.

Financial Aid
60 Percent of CSU Students received Financial Aid in 2009-10

In 2009-10, over $2.8 billion was distributed to more than 266,000 students, 60 percent of the CSU’s total student population. The average award was $10,694. Presidential Scholars’ programs, which provide full scholarships to National Merit and high school valedictorians, are also found at many CSU campuses.

2010-11 CSU Comparison Institutions

The California Postsecondary Education Commission uses certain public institutions to compare the CSU’s tuition fee rates. For the past several years, the CSU has continued to maintain one of the lowest undergraduate tuition fees among comparable institutions.

2010-11 CSU Comparison Institutions

 California State
 University of
 North Carolina
 State University
 State University of
 New York
 University of
 Georgia State
 Arizona State
 Cleveland State
 University of
 George Mason
 University of
 University of
 Wayne State
 University of
 Illinois State