Responsibility for the CSU is vested in a 25-member Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are appointed by the governor to eight-year terms. Faculty, alumni and two student trustees serve two-year terms. The trustees appoint the chancellor, who is the systemís chief executive officer, and the presidents, who are the chief executive officers on their respective campuses and who report to the chancellor.

The trustees, chancellor and presidents develop systemwide policy, with campus implementation taking place through broadly based consultative procedures. The Office of the Chancellor secures the CSU general fund and capital outlay budgets and coordinates systemwide efforts in areas such as technology, academic affairs, business affairs, institutional research, physical plant development, employee relations, state and federal governmental affairs, legal affairs, university advancement, and public affairs.

Board of Trustees

Ex Officio Members
  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante
  Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Núñez
  State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell
  CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed

Appointed Members
(term ends during the year given)
 Roberta Achtenberg, Chair (2007) 
 Jeffrey L. Bleich, Vice Chair (2010) 
 Herbert L. Carter (2011) 
 Carol R. Chandler (2012) 
 Moctesuma Esparza (2008) 
 Debra S. Farar (2014) 
 Kenneth Fong (2013) 
 Murray L. Galinson (2007) 
 George G. Gowgani (2010) 
 William Hauck (2009) 
 Raymond W. Holdsworth Jr. (2011) 
 Ricardo F. Icaza (2008) 
 Andrew LaFlamme, Student Trustee (2007) 
 Bob Linscheid, Alumni Trustee (2007) 
 Lou Monville (2014) 
 Melinda Guzman Moore (2012) 
 Craig R. Smith, Faculty Trustee (2007) 
 Glen Toney (2013) 
 Kyriakos Tsakopoulos (2009) 

Administrative Leaders

Charles B. Reed, Chancellor
Gary W. Reichard, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
Richard P. West, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Jackie R. McClain, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Christine Helwick, General Counsel
Larry Mandel, University Auditor

Campus Presidents

(Date is the appointment year.)
Bakersfield Horace Mitchell (2004) 
Channel Islands Richard R. Rush (2001) 
Chico Paul J. Zingg (2004) 
Dominguez Hills James E. Lyons, Sr. (1999) 
East Bay Mohammad H. Qayoumi (2006) 
Fresno John D. Welty (1991) 
Fullerton Milton A. Gordon (1990) 
Humboldt Rollin C. Richmond (2002) 
Long Beach F. King Alexander (2006) 
Los Angeles James M. Rosser (1979) 
Maritime Academy William B. Eisenhardt (2001) 
Monterey Bay Dianne F. Harrison (2006) 
Northridge Jolene Koester (2000) 
Pomona J. Michael Ortiz (2003) 
Sacramento Alexander Gonzalez (2003) 
San Bernardino Albert K. Karnig (1997) 
San Diego Stephen L. Weber (1996) 
San Francisco Robert A. Corrigan (1988) 
San José Don W. Kassing (2004) 
San Luis Obispo Warren J. Baker (1979) 
San Marcos Karen S. Haynes (2004) 
Sonoma Ruben Armiñana (1992) 
Stanislaus Hamid Shirvani (2005) 

Notes: Biographies of trustees, administrative officers and campus presidents may be found at www.calstate.edu/pa/bios/csubio.shtml.

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