External Funding 2002-2003

The CSU received almost $238 million in donations in 2002-03. An additional $64 million in future charitable support was committed through pledges and testimentary bequests.

In addition to philanthropic gifts, the CSU campuses raised additional funds through special revenue from sources such as sponsored grants and contracts, bringing total external support to nearly $841 million.

• CSU General Fund Budget 2003-2004
External Funding 2001-2002
 Charitable Gifts $238 million 
 Future Commitments $64 million 
 Special Revenue $539 million 
 Total 2002-2003 $841 million 
Sources of Charitable Gifts
 Alumni and Parents $23 million 
 Other Individuals $68 million 
 Corporations, Foundations, and
 Other Organizations
$147 million 

The CSU is raising about one dollar from external funding for every three dollars of state support. The $841 million raised by the campuses also exceeds the $738 million the CSU collected from student fees in 2002-03.

Some $25 million of philanthropic support funding went to student aid and to build scholarship endowments.

In the early 1990s, the CSU trustees encouraged campuses to increase their efforts in fundraising. As a result, voluntary support has climbed steadily in the last decade. During that time, private donations to the CSU have exceeded $2 billion, and all external support has totaled more than $7 billion.

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