Students Profile

CSU students are not necessarily the traditional 18- to 22-year-olds.
  • The average undergraduate age is 24

  • About 85 percent are commuters

  • Only 56 percent are dependent on parents

  • Nearly two in five have dependents

  • Four out of five have jobs, and 36 percent work full time

  • About one in five students is in the first generation in their family to attend college

  • 40 percent come from households where English is not the main language spoken

  • More than one-third consider themselves to be multiracial

  • About 8 percent live in on-campus housing

Community Service Learning

  • Over 151,000 CSU students participate in community service annually, donating approximately 35 million hours. Of those, nearly 42 percent reported that their service focused on education and tutoring, followed by social service (20 percent) and health services (11 percent).

  • More than 51,000 CSU students participate in academic courses with service-learning components. These courses can occur in any discipline and more than 1,600 service-learning courses are offered at the CSU campuses.

  • In 2002-2003, over 1,500 CSU students took part in AmeriCorps programs, providing more than 711,000 hours of service and receiving more than $1.9 million in educational scholarships. AmeriCorps, a national service program often called the "domestic Peace Corps," engages citizens in structured community service for defined times. CSU students typically provide 450 or 900 hours of service over the space of a year.

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Last Updated: July 1, 2003