External Funding 2001-2002

The CSU received more than $257 million in donations in 2001-2002. This voluntary support includes gifts from alumni, parents, corporations, foundations, and other organizations and individuals. In addition, the CSU campuses raised another $739 million through special revenue from sources such as sponsorships, bequest expectancies, pledges, contracts, grants, property transfers and income from endowments, bringing total external support to nearly $996 million.

External Funding 2001-2002

 Special Revenue $749 million 
 Voluntary Support 257 million 
 Total 2001-2002 $996 million 

Selected Sources

 Alumni and Parents $30 million 
 Other Individuals 77 million 
 Corporations, Foundations,  Other 141 million 

The CSU is raising approximately one dollar from external funding for every three dollars of state support. The $996 million raised by the campuses also far exceeds the $653 million CSU collected from student fees in 2001-2002.

In the early 1990s the CSU trustees encouraged campuses to increase their efforts in fundraising. As a result, voluntary support has more than doubled in the last decade. During that time, private donations to the CSU have totaled nearly $2 billion and all external support has totaled nearly $6.6 billion.

• CSU General Fund Budget 2002-2003

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