When the President determines that there exists strong and compelling evidence, the President may temporarily suspend with pay a faculty unit employee for reasons related to (a) the safety of persons or property, (b) the disruption of programs and/or operations, or (c) investigation for formal notice of disciplinary action.


The President shall notify the faculty unit employee in writing of the immediate effect of a temporary suspension, and whether the temporary suspension is related to (a) the safety of persons or property, (b) the disruption of programs and/or operations, or (c) an investigation for formal notice of disciplinary action.


The President shall notify the CFA whenever a faculty unit employee has been temporarily suspended, provided that the suspended faculty unit employee first consents to such notification to the CFA. Such notification shall take place within seven (7) days of the date the faculty unit employee is notified.


The President may terminate or extend a temporary suspension and shall so notify the faculty unit employee.


Unless earlier terminated by the President, a temporary suspension, including any extension of a temporary suspension, shall automatically terminate upon the service of formal notice of disciplinary action or thirty (30) days after its commencement, whichever first occurs.


At the time a faculty member is informed that s/he is suspended with pay, the faculty member shall be provided with a report summarizing the strong and compelling evidence in the possession of the president which is the basis for her/his decision to invoke temporary suspension. To the extent possible the report shall include the date, location, and description of the alleged incident(s) giving rise to the suspension, and the source(s) of the allegation(s). Nothing in this provision shall require the release of documents or information which would compromise the successful completion of the investigation or endanger individuals who may be involved in the investigation or which is prohibited by law. Upon receipt of the report described herein, the faculty member may provide a rebuttal statement and other relevant documentation.


Periods of temporary suspension shall be served on consecutive calendar days.

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Last updated: June 12, 2007

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