An employee may request in writing of the appropriate administrator assignment to a particular set of duties he/she wishes to perform. These duties must be consistent with the employee's classification. The appropriate administrator shall respond in writing to such requests.


An employee may request in writing a meeting with the appropriate administrator to discuss a position description, reassignment, work assignment, or workloads. Such a meeting shall not be unreasonably denied.


Employees shall have the right to use campus telephones in emergency situations. Employees will pay for long-distance calls.


An employee shall be entitled to payroll deductions for insurance premiums according to the procedures determined by the CSU and the State Controller.


21.5 Bargaining unit employees shall be provided with keys determined necessary by the CSU and with identification badges or cards. If CMA establishes a fee schedule for replacing such property if it has been lost, stolen or damaged, employees shall be charged such reasonable fees if the loss, theft or damage was due to their negligence or unauthorized use.

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