Only one (1) official personnel file will be maintained for each employee. It will be kept in the Personnel Office.

  1. An employee shall have the right to inspect his/her personnel file at reasonable times during the regular business hours of the Personnel Office.

  2. An employee may request a copy of any written materials in the personnel file and a copy will be provided in a timely manner.

  3. One (1) copy of each document which is related to a grievance and maintained in the personnel file shall be provided free of charge to the employee, upon the employee's request.

  4. The employee may be required to bear the cost of duplicating other materials.


An employee may authorize in writing a union representative and/or steward to inspect his/her file and to request copies of materials in the file.


Personnel recommendations or decisions relating to the promotion, retention, termination, suspension, or any other personnel action related thereto, shall be based primarily on material contained in the employee's personnel file and open to the employee's inspection.

If a personnel recommendation or decision is based on any reasons not contained in the employee's personnel file, the party making the recommendation or decision shall commit those reasons to writing and the written statement of those reasons shall become part of the employee's personnel file. If a personnel recommendation or decision is based upon any other written materials, the CSU shall provide a copy of such material to the employee in a timely manner, upon the employee's request.


Employees shall not have access to pre-employment materials, except in instances when the material is used in subsequent personnel actions.


Attendance and payroll records of an individual employee maintained separately from the personnel file may be inspected and copied in accordance with the provisions of sections 20.1a-d and section 20.2 of this Article.


Upon an employee's written request, documents relating to any disciplinary action more than three (3) years old contained in an employee's personnel file shall be removed, provided that no additional disciplinary action for the same offense has subsequently been administered to the employee within the last four (4) years.


Employees' personnel files shall be held in strict confidence and shall be subject to inspection only by persons with official business.


An employee shall be provided with a copy of any letters of commendation or adverse material placed in his/her personnel file within ten (10) days of such placement.


If, after examination of his/her records, an employee believes that any portion of the material is not accurate, the employee may request in writing correction of the record.


Within twenty-one (21) days of an employee's request for correction of the record, the President shall notify the employee in writing of his/her decision regarding the request.

  1. If the President denies the request, the President shall state the reason(s) for denial in writing, and this written statement shall be sent to the employee.

  2. b. If the President grants the request for correction of the record, the record shall be corrected. The employee shall be sent a copy of the corrected record and a written statement that the incorrect record in question has been permanently removed from the employee's personnel file.


An employee may submit a rebuttal statement to material in his/her personnel file, which shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.


The classification/reclassification of a position to which an employee is assigned shall not be considered a personnel recommendation or decision as defined above.

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