The following paid holidays, except as provided in provision 13.3 below, shall be observed on the day specified.

  1. January 1

  2. Third Monday in January
    (Martin Luther King, Jr., Day)

  3. July 4

  4. First Monday in September (Labor Day)

  5. Thanksgiving Day

  6. Cesar Chavez Day

  7. December 25

  8. Any other day designated by the Governor for a public fast, Thanksgiving, or holiday.


The paid holidays listed in this provision shall be observed on the day specified unless they fall on a Saturday or Sunday, or are rescheduled for observance on another day by the President.

  1. Third Monday in February (Washington's Birthday)

  2. February 12 (Lincoln's Birthday)

  3. Last Monday in May (Memorial Day)

  4. Admission Day

  5. Second Monday in October (Columbus Day)

  6. November 11 (Veterans Day)


Any holiday listed in provisions 13.1 or 13.2 above which falls on a Saturday shall be observed on the preceding Friday, and any holiday in provisions 13.1 or 13.2 above which falls on a Sunday shall be observed the following Monday.


An employee in pay status on the day a holiday is officially observed shall be entitled to the holiday. Only when a holiday is scheduled for official observance on a Friday or Monday in accordance with provision 13.3 and the employee works on the Saturday or Sunday of the actual holiday and not on the Friday or Monday of the official observance, shall the employee be entitled to that single holiday on the Saturday or Sunday on which the holiday occurred.


The number of hours of the holiday shall be determined by the hours the employee is normally scheduled to work on the day the holiday is observed. An employee on a leave of absence without pay or in other non-pay status on a day a holiday is officially observed shall not be entitled to the holiday.


If a holiday falls on a scheduled workday during an employee's vacation or within a period of absence chargeable to sick leave, the holiday will not be charged to sick leave or vacation time.


A campus yearly calendar shall be provided to the employees at least thirty (30) days before its effective date.


An employee shall be permitted to use accrued vacation or CTO if the President closes the campus and there are an insufficient number of holidays scheduled to be observed during the closure.


Should a new employee, because of length of service, not have vacation accrued or sufficient CTO balance to cover the scheduled days of closure, he/she shall be provided sufficient work to prevent any loss of pay or benefits. Such time shall be provided no later than sixty (60) days after such a scheduled day(s) of closure.


An employee is entitled to one (1) Personal Holiday, which must be taken on one (1) day during the calendar year. If the employee fails to take the Personal Holiday before the end of the year, the holiday shall be forfeited. The scheduling of the holiday shall be by mutual agreement of the employee and the appropriate administrator. A CMA employee who took a Personal Holiday between January 1, 1995 and June 30, 1995 shall not be entitled to another Personal Holiday until January 1, 1996.


The CMA shall notify employees of their accrued holiday credits on a quarterly basis.

Holiday Work


An employee who works on a holiday shall be compensated either in cash or in CTO to a maximum accrual of two hundred and forty (240) hours as determined by the appropriate administrator. Such determination shall be made prior to the time the employee works on a holiday. An employee who is assigned to work on a holiday may indicate to the appropriate administrator his or her preference for compensation in cash or CTO.


An employee who works on a holiday listed in provision 13.1 or 13.2 shall be compensated at one and one-half (1 1/2) times the employee's basic hourly rate of pay in addition to the compensation provided under provision 13.4 of this Article. This will result in total compensation of double and one-half (2 l/2) times the employee's basic hourly rate of pay.

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