The Trustees of the California State University do hereby recognize the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 39, AFL-CIO, as the sole and exclusive representative of all employees at the California Maritime Academy whose California State University classifications are set forth below:

Class Title

CMA Able Seaman
CMA Automobile Mechanic
CMA Automotive Equipment Operator I
CMA Automotive Equipment Operator II
CMA Building Maintenance Worker
CMA Carpenter I
CMA Carpenter II
CMA Carpenter Apprentice
CMA Facility Worker
CMA Lead Groundskeeper
CMA Groundskeeper
CMA Locksmith
CMA Maintenance Mechanic
CMA Materials and Stores Specialist
CMA Motor Vessel Engineer
CMA Electrician I
CMA Electrician II
CMA Electrician Apprentice
CMA Painter I
CMA Painter II
CMA Painter Apprentice
CMA Pest Control Technician
CMA Plumber I
CMA Plumber II
CMA Plumber Apprentice
CMA Chief Engineer
CMA Stationary Engineer
CMA Stationary Engineer Apprentice
CMA Warehouse Worker
CMA Skilled Laborer


The parties may mutually agree in writing to modify the unit to include or delete classification(s). If the parties disagree as to the inclusion or deletion of classification(s), either party may seek a unit modification pursuant to the procedures established by the Public Employment Relations Board.


CMA employees not represented by IUOE shall not perform work regularly assigned to employees represented by the IUOE except in the following circumstances:

  1. for training purposes
  2. in an emergency
  3. for routine maintenance in their own residences by employees living on premises.


Student Assistants may be assigned duties, which fall within bargaining unit classifications, pursuant to the restrictions of the Student Assistant Program, and may not be used to replace bargaining unit employees.

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