Provisions of this Article shall apply to faculty unit employees in classification 2357, Instructional Faculty - Summer Session. Accepting a summer session appointment shall not in any way diminish a faculty unit employee's rights under this Agreement.


The terms and provisions of this Agreement shall not apply to employees who become faculty unit employees solely by appointment to classification 2357 except as provided for in this Article and as specifically referenced by provision number in this Article.


Appointment of a faculty unit employee to classification 2357 shall be made by the President. The faculty unit employee shall maintain the academic or librarian rank prevailing during the immediate past academic year. Acceptance of an appointment and course assignment includes an agreement by the employee to meet the class on the first day regardless of enrollment.


A summer session appointment is a temporary appointment for a specific period of time.


The official notification to a faculty unit employee of a summer session appointment shall include the beginning and ending dates of appointment, time base, salary, the requirement to meet the first class, and other conditions of appointment. The faculty unit employee's appointment may provide for participation in the student evaluation process.

Assignment of Responsibility


The responsibilities of a faculty unit employee assigned to classification 2357 may include teaching, office hours, and other responsibilities accepted.



The salary of a faculty unit employee appointed for summer and special sessions shall be determined by the President at a rate equal to or above that shown in Appendix C. Such rate shall be adjusted annually by any increase adjustments in the general faculty salary scale in the preceding academic year. If the course to which a faculty unit employee has been assigned does not meet minimum enrollment as indicated in the salary schedule, the faculty unit employee may receive a reduced salary in accordance with Appendix C.


A faculty unit employee shall accept the reduced salary or withdraw from the appointment. The faculty unit employee shall receive no compensation for an under-enrolled class from which he/she withdraws.


The class may be canceled by the President. If the class is not canceled prior to the second class meeting, the faculty unit employee shall be compensated at the full or reduced salary pursuant to 21.7 of this Article for the entire appointment. If the class is canceled prior to the second meeting, the faculty unit employee shall not be compensated.

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