A faculty unit employee may receive from an appropriate administrator an oral and/or written reprimand.


A faculty unit employee shall be provided with a copy of a written reprimand at least five (5) days prior to the possible placement of such a reprimand in the faculty unit employee's Personnel Action File.


A faculty unit employee may request, no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the written reprimand pursuant to provision 18.2 above, a conference with the appropriate administrator who issued the reprimand to discuss the reasons for reprimand. Such a request shall not be unreasonably denied. The faculty unit employee may be represented at such a conference by another faculty unit employee or a CFA representative.


The appropriate administrator may at any time retract a reprimand or modify a reprimand. The appropriate administrator shall notify the faculty unit employee of such retractions or modifications.


A written reprimand shall be placed in the official personnel file of the affected faculty unit employee and shall be subject to Article 11, Personnel Files.


The faculty unit employee shall have the right to attach a rebuttal to a written reprimand and/or request correction of the record pursuant to Article 11, Personnel Files.


Upon the faculty unit employee's request, and three (3) years from its effective date, a reprimand in the Personnel Action File shall be permanently removed. A statement verifying the permanent removal of the reprimand shall be provided the faculty unit employee. Neither the request for such a removal nor the statement verifying the removal shall be placed in the official Personnel Action File. This provision shall not be implemented under the following conditions:

  1. a notice of disciplinary action has been served on a faculty unit employee and such a reprimand is related to the pending disciplinary action; or

  2. a subsequent reprimand(s) of a similar nature has been placed in the Personnel Action File within the three (3) year period.

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