All employees are eligible for paid vacation in accordance with the schedule in Provision 18.2 below.


Vacation Schedule

Vacation Credit Per Monthly Pay Period

Service Requirements Days Hourly Equivalent of Days
1 Month to 3 Years 5/6 6-2/3
37 Months to 6 Years 1-1/4 10
73 Months to 10 Years 1-5/12 11-1/3
121 Months to 15 Years 1-7/12 12-2/3
181 Months to 20 Years 1-3/4 14
241 Months to 25 Years 1-11/12 15-1/3
301 Months and Over 2 16


An authorized leave of absence without pay shall not be considered service for the purpose of vacation accrual.


Vacation credits are cumulative to a maximum of two hundred and seventy-two (272) working hours for ten (10) or less years of qualifying service or three hundred and eighty-four (384) working hours for more than ten (10) years of such service. Accumulations in excess of this amount as of January 1 of each year shall be forfeited by the employee.


Requests for vacation must be submitted with reasonable advance notice and in writing to the Chief of Police. An employee may request to schedule a block of several consecutive days vacation equal to the number of vacation days the employee earns in that calendar year. Based upon the operational needs of the campus, vacations shall be scheduled and taken as authorized by the Chief of Police.


For purposes of computing vacation credit, an employee who works eleven (11) or more days in a monthly pay period is considered to have completed a month, a month of service, or continuous service. When an absence without pay of more than eleven (11) consecutive working days falls into two (2) consecutive qualifying monthly pay periods, one (1) of the pay periods is disqualified.


During an employee's probationary period, vacation credit is earned.


The Chief of Police shall post a list containing the names of all employees and their current accrued vacation balance by January 15 and July 15 of each year.

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