Probationary Period - The term "probationary period" as used in this Article shall mean a period of continuous credited service an employee who has received a probationary appointment shall be required to serve prior to becoming eligible for permanent status.


"Probationary employee" refers to a full-time employee serving a period of probation.


All employees shall serve an initial probationary period of twelve (12) months of continuous full-time credited service. Time required to complete the P.O.S.T.? Basic Academy training or equivalent shall not be credited service for the completion of the probationary period.


A new hire probationary employee shall be evaluated by the end of the sixth (6th), ninth (9th), and twelfth (12th) month of the probationary period, unless the employee has earlier been rejected during probation.


Breaks in Service

  1. When a probationary employee goes on a leave of absence, the President shall determine whether or not the time served before the leave is counted in determining the remaining length of probationary service.

  2. An employee's probationary period is extended for the same number of days such employee is on WC, IDL, NDI, formal LWOP, jury service or paid sick leave of over thirty (30) cumulative days.

  3. Normally, a new probationary period shall be served when an employee begins an appointment at another campus. However, the employee may be appointed with permanent status or credit toward permanency as determined by the President of the campus to which the employee is appointed.


Prior to the completion of a probationary period, an employee may be released from employment at the sole discretion of the CSU and without recourse to Article 7, Grievance Procedure, of this Agreement.

Award of Permanent Status


An employee shall be notified in writing by the President as to the award of permanent status.

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