All employees shall comply with the rules and regulations of the CSU. The CSU shall have the right to promulgate and to change any rules and regulations so long as the rules are reasonable and are not in violation of this Agreement .


The CSU shall maintain a systemwide Public Safety Policy Manual. This Manual shall be contained in Section 4000, Public Safety, of the State University Administrative Manual (SUAM). The contents of such manual may be revised by the CSU. The Association shall be provided with a draft copy of any official revision and shall be given an opportunity to review and offer suggestions to the CSU prior to its implementation. Such policy manual shall be distributed to all employees. The contents of the manual shall not be subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure, of this Agreement.


It is expressly understood that in the event of a conflict between the provisions of the SUAM and the provisions of this Collective Bargaining Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall be controlling.


The CSU shall provide notification to the Association of proposed changes in written systemwide policies affecting wages, hours and conditions of employment during the term of this Agreement. Whenever possible, such notice shall be prior to the implementation of changes in such policies. Within fifteen (15) days of such notice, the Association may request to meet and confer regarding the impact of such changes. Upon request the CSU shall meet and confer regarding the impact of such changes.

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