The parties recognize the role played by the Head Start Policy Council in filling Head Start vacancies. It is understood that the Policy Council must approve of all appointments or transfers into classroom positions.


Head Start position vacancies shall be posted for fourteen (14) calendar days at each Head Start location and on the SFSU campus electronic web site. Such announcements shall include the position title, description of duties, education and experience required, licenses or certifications required by governmental agencies, salary range, work schedule, specialized skills (if any) and procedures to be followed by applicants applying for such vacancies.


Employees with satisfactory performance who are qualified for a vacant position at a Head Start location may apply for such position within the specified application period. Applications along with any supplemental material shall be submitted to the Program Human Resources Office. It shall be the policy of Head Start in filling vacant bargaining unit positions to fill such vacancies from within Head Start, as long as such an appointment will not disrupt Program operations. The Program Head may appoint outside applicants when it is determined such action best meets Program needs.


Priority for filling vacancies shall be given to employees with the same job title as the posted position and with the highest seniority in with that job title. Employees must have satisfactory performance in their current position, possess the necessary education and experience, and possess the licenses and/or certifications required by government regulations.


Posting is not required for emergency temporary positions of six months or less. If a determination is made that the employee will be retained over six months, the employee shall be included in the bargaining unit.


An employee who submits an application for a position may be required to successfully complete a job-related performance examination as part of the selection process. The results of such examinations shall be kept confidential and shall not become part of the employee's official personnel file. Such an examination shall be job-related, and administered equitably to each applicant. Upon request, an employee shall be given the examination results.


Appointments may be temporary, probationary or permanent. The Program Head shall make appointments to vacant positions through official written notification. Such notification shall be provided upon employment or as soon as possible thereafter. Notification shall include the classification title and work schedule to which the employee is being appointed, the initial salary, the employment status of the employee, and the effective date of the appointment. A temporary appointment shall specify the expiration date of the appointment and that the appointment may expire prior to that date. The temporary employee shall be given a minimum of fourteen (14) day’s notice if the appointment is to be terminated prior to the specified expiration date, unless circumstances prevent giving such notice. No employee shall be considered appointed in the absence of the official written notification from the Program Head.



A probationary period is the period of credited service an employee who has received a probationary appointment shall serve prior to permanent status. The probationary period for all Head Start employees hired after June 1, 2006 shall be one year of satisfactory service.


Part-time and full-time temporary service shall count as credited service for probation when granted by the Program Head.


A year of service for employees in twelve-month positions is any consecutive twelve (12) months of full-time employment. The period of probation for an employee in a half time or more, but less than full-time, position will be a pro-rata amount of time based on twelve (12) months for a full time employee.

Breaks in Service


  1. When a probationary employee goes on a leave of absence, the Program Head shall determine whether or not the time served before the leave is counted in determining the remaining length of probationary service.
  2. An employee's probationary period is extended for the same number of days such employee is on Workers’ Compensation (WC), Industrial Disability Leave (IDL), Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI), formal leave without pay (LWOP) or paid sick leave of over thirty (30) days. The Program Head shall determine if there has been a break in service when a full-time probationary employee is placed on a partial leave of absence.

Change in Position


When a position is vacant, the employee selected for that position may be required to serve a new probationary period unless the new position contains the same duties and responsibilities.


When an employee moves to a position with a lower salary rate the employee shall be awarded that salary rate.

Rejection During Probation


Any probationary employee may be separated from service at any time by the Program Head upon written notice of rejection during probation. The employee should normally be given two weeks notice of rejection during probation, or two-week’s pay-in-lieu of notice.


An employee rejected during the probationary period may not utilize the Grievance Procedure of this Agreement to appeal the decision to reject during probation.


An employee who has completed the appropriate probationary period as defined in Provisions 8.7 – 8.9 shall be awarded permanent status.

Transfers to Another Head Start Location


Employees will be given priority over new hires for vacancies in other Head Start locations. The operational needs of the Program will dictate the timing of any such transfer.

Outside Employment


Outside employment shall not conflict with the responsibilities and duties assigned to the employee by the Head Start Program.