Work Schedules


Full-time employees in non-exempt classifications shall work a minimum workweek of forty (40) hours in a seven (7) day period.

Under normal circumstances, work schedules shall provide for five (5) consecutive daysí work in a seven (7) day period.


The appropriate administrator shall determine the work schedule for an employee. An employee shall be provided with notification of a permanent work schedule change or a summer work schedule at least twenty-one days prior to the effective date of the work schedule change. The appropriate administrator may give consideration to employee seniority.

The work schedules for employees who occupy positions that involve attending parental meetings and/or making home visits hours will be reviewed/revised on a weekly basis.


For those employees assigned a five (5) day workweek, the workday shall normally consist of eight (8) hours.


For non-exempt classifications, the full-time workweek is a workweek of forty (40) hours within seven (7) consecutive twenty-four (24) hour days. In accordance with the provisions of Article 18, employees may be required to work overtime hours as directed by the appropriate administrator.

Employee Request for Work Schedule Change and/or Flexible Work Hours


An employee may submit a written request to the appropriate administrator for a change in the work hours and/or workdays of his/her work schedule. Such requests shall be submitted twenty-one (21) days prior to the requested effective date of the change. An employee shall not submit more than two (2) such requests per year.


If deemed necessary by the appropriate administrator or the employee, a meeting between the appropriate administrator and the employee shall be held to discuss the work schedule change request.


If a conflict in work schedule change requests arises, the appropriate administrator shall give consideration to the employee with the most seniority provided that operational needs are met.


The appropriate administrator shall respond in writing to the employee regarding approval or denial of such request.

Meal Periods


An employee shall be entitled to a meal period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes. The time of such meal period shall be designated by the appropriate administrator and shall be at or near the middle of the workday. Such meal periods shall not count toward hours worked, except as provided for in Provision 16.10.


An employee required to remain on the job at his/her workstation for the full shift period shall be permitted to take a meal period, not to exceed thirty (30) minutes, during work time.


An employee shall be allowed rest periods each workday of fifteen (15) minutes for each four (4) hours worked. Rest period schedules shall be determined by the appropriate administrator in accordance with the operational needs of the department. Rest periods shall be counted towards hours worked. When an employee is required to perform duties during a scheduled rest period, the appropriate administrator shall endeavor to reschedule the rest period for that workday. Rest period time not taken shall not be cumulative.