An employee may receive from an appropriate administrator an oral and/or written reprimand. Oral and written reprimands shall be considered corrective action.


An employee may request a conference with the administrator who issued the reprimand to discuss the reprimand. Such a request shall not be unreasonably denied. The employee may be represented at such a conference by another employee or a Union Representative. Upon the employee's request, there shall be a review of the written reprimand at the next level of supervision.


A written reprimand shall be placed in the official personnel file of the affected employee and shall be subject to Article 20, Personnel File. The employee shall be provided with a copy of a written reprimand.


An employee shall have the right to attach a rebuttal statement to a written reprimand in his/her official personnel file.

Temporary Suspension


The President may temporarily suspend with pay an employee for reasons related to (a) the safety of persons or property; or (b) the prevention of the disruption of programs and/or operations, or (c) investigation for formal notice of disciplinary action.


The President shall notify the employee of the immediate effect of a temporary suspension.


The President may terminate or extend a temporary suspension and shall so notify the employee. A temporary suspension including any extension shall automatically terminate upon service of formal notice of disciplinary action or thirty (30) days after its commencement, whichever occurs first.

Notice of Discipline


A notice of disciplinary action shall be served on the employee by the appropriate administrator in person or by certified mail at the employee's last known address.

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