General Training


An employee wishing training may submit a written request to the appropriate administrator. Such a request may include, but is not limited to, release time with pay, flexible working hours, tuition, and travel. The appropriate administrator shall respond to such requests in writing.


When an employee is required by an appropriate administrator to take work-related training, the employee shall be granted release time for such training if it occurs during working hours. When an employee is required by an appropriate administrator to take work-related training during non-working hours, such time shall be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime pay. Appropriate costs for such training shall be borne by the CSU.

Fee Waiver


The appropriate administrator may approve requests from all full-time and part-time permanent employees for enrollment in a maximum of two (2) CSU courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per semester/quarter (exclusive of courses in self-support programs) on the fee waiver program subject to the following conditions:

  1. The course shall be job-related or shall be a part of an approved Career Development Plan.

  2. The operational needs of the department are met in an orderly and normal manner.

  3. CSU admission requirements shall be met or waived for an approved Career Development Plan. CSU admission requirements shall not apply for job-related courses.


An employee taking a course(s) subject to provision 28.3 of this Article shall be granted reasonable release time for one (1) on-campus course per semester/quarter.


The course of study for a Career Development Plan will be established by the employee and an appropriate advisor. Career development courses shall relate to future career opportunities and assignments within the CSU, but need not be in the employee’s technical specialty.


Employees on a leave of absence who otherwise are eligible to request a fee waiver may request a fee waiver for enrollment in more than two (2) courses per semester/quarter.


In order for an employee to continue participating in this program normal academic standards shall be maintained. Courses taken on the fee waiver program shall be taken for credit and not audited.


A record of completed courses may be placed in the employee's official personnel file.


Employees eligible for participation in the CSU Fee Waiver Program as defined in provision 28.3 may transfer their existing Fee Waiver benefit entitlement maximum as defined in provision 28.3 to only one person per academic term who is a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child, subject to the following conditions:

  1. the courses are taken by a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child who is matriculated toward a degree and the courses are for credit toward the degree’s requirements;
  2. this Fee Waiver benefit does not apply to out-of-state tuition;
  3. the administration determines that there is space available in such course offerings for the spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child;
  4. eligibility for this program commences with the Fall Quarter/term 2004. Participation by an eligible employee’s spouse, dependent child, or domestic partner is subject to each CSU campus’ standard admission and registration policies and procedures. Eligibility criteria for domestic partners shall be those used to determine such eligibility for health benefits.


The term "fee waiver" as used in this Article means a program that waives or reduces fees as listed below.

The following fees shall be fully waived:

  • Application Fee
  • Identification Card Fee
  • Instructionally Related Activity Fee
  • Health Services Fee

The following fees shall be reduced to one dollar ($1):

  • Student Body Association Fee
    (may not be waived or reduced for dependents)
  • Student Union Fee
  • Health Facilities Fee

The State University Fee shall be waived for the units of courses taken in the CSU fee waiver program. Employees taking CSU courses in addition to the CSU fee waiver courses shall pay the difference between the full State University Fee and the part-time State University Fee.