The CMA shall contribute to the IUOE Apprenticeship Training Fund to provide a training program for both journey level employees who wish to improve their skills and apprentices entering the field. During the term of this Agreement, the contribution will be paid by CMA during January of each year. For each Chief Engineer, Stationary Engineer, Maintenance Mechanic, and Apprentice Stationary Engineer on the payroll as of January 1 of each year, the contribution will be $120.


The IUOE and the CMA agree to participate in the Northern California and Northern Nevada Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The Apprenticeship Program at CMA shall be administered in accordance with the following provisions:
  1. The classification of positions and the selection process shall be governed and administered by the CMA.

  2. The CMA retains the rights to hire, evaluate and discipline any employee participating in an apprenticeship programs, taking under consideration the recommendations of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

  3. The apprenticeship program at the CMA shall operate under the Joint Committee concept. On the Joint Committee, there shall be an equal number of representatives selected by the Union and the CMA. IUOE representatives who have been selected as Joint Apprenticeship Committee members shall serve with no loss of compensation for attendance at Committee meetings.

  4. The Joint Apprenticeship Committee shall oversee the training program for the classes included in its program.

  5. The CSU and CMA reserve the right to cancel the apprenticeship program at CMA when such action is deemed to be in the best interests of the CMA or CSU. Except for reasons of layoff, discipline, or poor performance, apprentices in the program shall be allowed to complete the program. The CSU agrees to give IUOE thirty (30) days notice before canceling an apprenticeship program.