Professional development opportunities shall include:

  1. a fee waiver program;

  2. sabbatical leaves;

  3. difference in pay leaves;

  4. professional leaves without pay;

  5. short-term absence with pay for approved conferences, workshops, and other professional meetings;

  6. faculty exchange programs within and outside the CSU;

  7. administrative intern programs;

  8. reduction in assigned Weighted Units or other work responsibilities to pursue scholarly activities, training or retraining of benefit to the CSU;

  9. specialized work schedules to pursue scholarly activities, training or retraining of benefit to the CSU; and

  10. assignment to a reduced teaching load pursuant to Article 20, Assignment of Responsibility, Workload, and Schedules, of this Agreement.


Application procedures by which an eligible faculty unit employee may request a professional development opportunity shall be determined by the President, except when such procedures are provided elsewhere in this Agreement.


A faculty unit employee who meets the eligibility requirements of a specific program listed in provision 25.1 of this Article may request such a professional opportunity.


The President shall determine if the request for a professional development opportunity shall be granted and, if so, what costs, if any, shall be borne by the campus. The President may establish requirements that a faculty unit employee shall meet upon completion of a professional development opportunity. The faculty unit employee shall be notified in writing of the decision and such requirements, if any. A denial of the request for professional development opportunity shall include the reasons for such denial.

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