Appendix E


Name: Date of Submission to Campus
Classification: Name of Representative:
Department or
Equivalent Unit:
Address of Rep:
Campus Telephone: The named representative is an agent of CFA:
Yes: No:
Signature: Date of Informal Meeting:

Level I - Formal (Faculty Hearing Committee) Date:
Level II - Review (President) Date:
Term of agreement alleged violated, misapplied or misinterpreted (provision number):
Brief description of the grounds of the grievance (including names, dates, places, times, etc., necessary for complete understanding):
Proposed remedy:
Level I Level II  
Signature: Title: Date:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The collective bargaining agreement requires that all grievances be filed by:

1. Personal Delivery
2. Certified Mail

Please provide one copy of each grievance filing or response to: (a) employee; (b) employer (level of filing); (c) CSU Labor Relations, Office of the Chancellor, 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, California 90802-4210; (d) CFA, 5933 West Century Boulevard, Suite 216, Los Angeles, California 90045.


Level I - Campus Level Review


A grievant eligible to grieve pursuant to provision 10.2 of this Article may file a Level I grievance with the President no later than forty-two (42) days after the event giving rise to the grievance, or no later than forty-two (42) days after the grievant knew or reasonably should have known of the event giving rise to the grievance. The grievant shall state clearly and concisely on a grievance form:

  1. the term(s) of the Agreement alleged to have been violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied;

  2. a description of the grounds of the grievance including names, dates, places, times necessary for complete understanding;

  3. a proposed remedy;

  4. the name, department or equivalent unit, address at which the grievant shall receive all correspondence relating to the grievance, position/classification of the grievant, and his/her signature;

  5. the name and address of the grievant's representative, if any; and

  6. the date of submission.

  7. If the grievance derives from an action or decision by the Chancellor's Office, the President and the CFA may agree that the grievance may be filed directly with the Chancellor's Office, at Level II.

Level II - System Level Review


In the event the grievance is not settled to the grievant's satisfaction at Level I, the grievant may file a Level II grievance with the Office of the Chancellor no later than twenty-one (21) days after the Level I response. The grievant shall attach a copy of the previous grievance response together with any documents presented at that level.

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