Upon request of CFA, the CSU shall provide at no cost adequate facilities not otherwise required for campus business for meetings of the CFA. The CFA shall be afforded access to the existing campus telephone system at no cost to the CSU, contingent upon the ability of the system to accommodate such usage. The costs of installation and operation shall be borne by the CFA. The CFA shall also be afforded access to the CSUnet for systemwide and internet telecommunications access, at no cost to the CSU, contingent upon the ability of the system to accommodate such usage. The costs of installation and operation shall be borne by the CFA, at the CSUnet subscription rates.


The CFA shall bear the cost of all campus supplies incident to any CFA meeting or CFA business conducted on campus.


Intra-campus mail service shall be available to CFA at no cost for official CFA communications. CFA shall package and label materials for convenient handling according to the normal specifications of the campus, which shall be communicated upon request from CFA. The identifier (CFA) shall appear on all materials sent through the campus mail service by CFA. Faculty unit employee mailboxes, if any, may be utilized by CFA for purposes of CFA communication to faculty unit employees.


CFA shall have the use of an adequate number of designated bulletin boards for the posting of CFA material. Such bulletin boards shall be visible, accessible to faculty unit employees, and in areas frequented by faculty unit employees.


A copy of CFA material posted on bulletin boards and CFA material intended for general distribution to faculty unit employees through the campus mail services shall be provided in a timely manner to the appropriate administrator. CFA should exercise responsibility for the content of such material.


CFA shall not interfere with campus programs, operations, or the work of faculty unit employees.


The CFA Chapter President shall officially represent CFA on each campus. The name of the CFA Chapter President and alternate shall be provided to the President.


The appropriate administrator shall, as a courtesy, be notified of the presence of a representative of CFA on official business who is not a campus employee either upon his/her arrival at the campus or by telephone in advance of arrival. The names of representatives of CFA who are non-CSU employees and the names of systemwide CFA officers shall be provided to the appropriate administrator.


Upon the request of CFA, the campus Personnel Office shall provide CFA at no cost a monthly list of all faculty unit employees newly appointed for at least ninety (90) days. Such a list shall contain the name and the department or equivalent unit of such a faculty unit employee.


The term "no cost" as used in this Article shall be exclusive of actual overtime costs or extraordinary clean-up costs incurred by the CSU in complying with the provisions of this Article. Such costs shall be borne by CFA. When the facility request is submitted and CFA inquires, the CSU shall inform the CFA whether or not costs shall be charged.


Upon the request of CFA, employee lists including those generated by PIMS and other public information shall be provided to CFA as soon as reasonably practicable. A faculty unit employee's home address shall be released to CFA except when that employee officially has informed the CSU that he/she wishes the home address withheld. The cost of such employee lists or public information shall be borne by CFA except as provided elsewhere in the Agreement.


Upon the request of CFA, the CSU shall grant in a timely manner union leave without loss of compensation. Such leaves shall be granted up to the equivalent of four (4) full-time positions per year.

  1. Such leave may be partial or full-time and shall not exceed one (1) year. An employee on such leave shall continue to earn all campus service credit and retirement credit. Vacation time, holiday time, and sick leave shall not accrue during such leave. A faculty unit employee on such leave shall have the right to return to his/her former position upon expiration of the leave. Such leave shall not constitute a break in the faculty unit employee's continuous service for the purpose of salary adjustments, sick leave, vacation, or seniority.

  2. The CSU shall be reimbursed by CFA for all compensation paid to the faculty unit employee on account of such leave and for any incidental costs, including the cost of benefits. Reimbursement of salary by CFA shall be at Step 1, Assistant Professor, of the salary schedule. Reimbursement by CFA shall be made no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the CSU certification of payment of compensation to the employee.


The following WTU pools shall be provided for the purpose of granting reductions in workload, without loss of compensation, for CFA representatives. There shall be a pool of six (6) WTUs on a semester campus, or eight (8) WTUs on a quarter campus, per academic term, for distribution among campus CFA chapter representatives. In addition, there shall be a statewide pool not to exceed twenty-four (24) WTUs per semester, or the quarter equivalent on quarter campuses, for distribution among CFA statewide representatives.


The CFA may request unpaid leaves of absence for a specified period of time for CFA-designated faculty unit employees.


The CSU and the CFA shall endeavor to publish jointly an official version of this Agreement, and shall equally share the cost of printing one thousand (1000) copies, to be distributed equally between the parties. Additional copies requested by CFA prior to the time of initial printing shall be provided to CFA. CFA shall bear the cost of such additional copies.


A faculty unit employee shall not suffer reprisals for participation in CFA activities.

Release Time for Negotiations


The CSU agrees that members of the CFA negotiating team may request and shall be granted a reduction in workload during the academic term in which negotiations take place. Such reductions shall be considered partial difference in pay leaves and salaries shall be in accordance with Article 28, provision 28.3. The reduction will be calculated on the basis of fifteen (15) Weighted Teaching Units representing a full load.


Provisions 28.12 and 28.13 shall apply to such leaves.


The CFA shall reimburse the CSU by the amount of the required salary reduction for each member of the negotiating team. Such reimbursement shall be passed on to the employees as a part of their salary compensation.


For those members of the bargaining team whose normal assignments involve classroom teaching, the requested reduction shall be in increments which will facilitate course reassignment.


The work assignments of members of the negotiating team shall be rescheduled so that involved individuals shall have Thursdays and Fridays free of work assignments during the academic term in which negotiations occur to facilitate attendance at bargaining sessions.


The foregoing shall be implemented only if the CFA notifies the CSU of the names of members of the bargaining team by May 1 of each year.


The CFA shall be provided appropriate office space on each campus, which shall, upon their request, be shared with other bargaining representatives. Rental charges for the duration of this Agreement shall be one dollar per year for each office provided.

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