Article 20


Accrual of Sick Leave


Following completion of one (1) academic qualifying pay period, for a Teaching Associate in an Academic Year classification, or one (1) qualifying pay period, for a Teaching Associate in a twelve (12) month classification, such Teaching Associates shall accrue sick leave with pay pro-rata according to timebase, based on the following formula: (Timebase) x (8 hours). Thereafter, for each additional academic qualifying pay period or qualifying pay period, credit for sick leave with pay shall be accrued, based on the formula above.


The maximum sick leave that can be accrued in one month is 8 hours, from all positions combined. The maximum sick leave that can be accrued in one year is 8 hours per month for 12 months, for a maximum total of 96 hours per year, from all positions combined. Sick leave may be accumulated without limit, and no additional sick leave with pay beyond that accumulated shall be granted.


Upon request, a Teaching Associate who returns to CSU employment within ten (10) months following the date of separation shall be credited by the campus with his/her sick leave balance at the time of separation from previous CSU employment. If the Teaching Associate is appointed to a classification in which sick leave is not accrued, this provision shall not apply.


Bargaining unit employees other than Teaching Associates do not accrue sick leave.

Absences Chargeable to Sick Leave


The use of sick leave may be authorized by the appropriate administrator only when an employee is absent because of:

  1. illness, injury, or disability related to pregnancy;
  2. exposure to contagious disease;
  3. c. dental, eye, or other physical or medical examinations or treatments by a licensed practitioner; and
  4. d. illness or injury in the immediate family. Sick leave for family care is primarily for emergency situations. Up to five (5) days of accrued sick leave credit may be used for family care during any one (1) calendar year.


The term “immediate family” as used in this Agreement shall refer to the employee’s spouse or domestic partner, parent, child, stepparent, stepchild, or close relative or person residing in the immediate household of the employee (except domestic employee or roomer). Also included in this definition shall be any minor children or incapacitated individuals for whom the employee has primary responsibility or legal guardianship or conservatorship.

Procedure for Requesting Sick Leave


A Teaching Associate shall be responsible for immediately reporting an absence to the appropriate administrator in compliance with department and campus policies.


The employee shall be responsible for completing and signing the campus absence form and returning the absence form to the appropriate administrator upon reporting to work.


Under no circumstances may a Teaching Associate be granted sick leave for days when the Teaching Associate would not normally be paid or during an officially scheduled campus closure, unless the employee is officially scheduled to work during such a closure.


An employee may be required to provide a physician’s statement or other appropriate verification for absences after three (3) consecutive days charged to sick leave.

Charging Sick Leave


A Teaching Associate shall be charged sick leave pro-rata according to timebase, as provided in the formula in provision 20.1, for each day he/she was not available to work due to an absence chargeable to sick leave. Sick leave shall be charged for each day, exclusive of days on which the campus is closed, from the onset of such an absence until the employee resumes attendance at the campus or until the employee notifies the appropriate administrator he/she is available to resume work. A Teaching Associate shall not be considered to work more than five (5) days in a seven (7) day period for the purpose of charging sick leave.