APC and the CSU agree to form a Labor Management Committee to study compensation issues of employees who work in evaluations (regardless of their current classifications), in order to assess and provide recommendations to the parties on topics of concern that include, but are not limited to, appropriate compensation and compensation equity.

The Committee shall consist of four voting members selected by APC and four voting members selected by the CSU. The Committee shall operate by consensus. Release time shall be provided to members of the Committee for the purpose of participating on the Committee, pursuant to provision 8.11.

The Committee shall hold its first meeting within sixty (60) days following the date of this agreement. No later than nine (9) months of its first meeting, the Committee shall forward its recommendations to APC and the CSU, and it is agreed that any recommendation(s) within the scope of representation shall be subject to the meet and confer process at the first time that the parties' collective bargaining agreement, in full or in part, is open for negotiation.

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