April 23, 2002

On April 18, 2002 negotiators for the CSU and the CSEA reached tentative agreement on a new 3-year contract for employees in bargaining units 2, 5, 7 & 9. A summary of the major terms of the new agreement is as follows.


  • A 1.5% general salary increase effective on July 1, 2002.

  • A $10,000 life insurance policy for all benefit eligible employees.

  • A rural health care lump sum stipend of $500 to those employees determined by PERS to be in an area with no PERS-approved Health Maintenance Organization provider on April 2002.

  • Fee Waiver for dependents of CSEA bargaining unit employees effective August 1, 2002.

  • Employee participation in the CSU Pre-Tax Parking Fee Deduction Plan.

  • Employee participation in the CSU Health Care Reimbursement (HCRA) Plan.

  • Minimum in-range progressions of three percent. Each campus shall within six months develop guidelines for these increases, and both the decision to award these increases and application of campus guidelines are not subject to either the complaint or grievance procedure.

  • An increase from 32 to 40 hours in the maximum amount of any catastrophic leave donations.

  • An increase in funeral leave to 5 days regardless of funeral travel requirements.

  • An increase in maternity/paternity leave to 30 days, which must be used with 60 days of arrival of the child.

Non-Economic Terms

  • Reassign employees on jury duty from compressed/irregular schedules to a Monday- Friday work schedule.

  • The following three new articles are added to the contract: Cruise Employees, Non Discrimination, and Labor Management Committees.

  • Provision 5.11d time union release time terms are amended to require that requests are to be from CSEA headquarters directly to the Office of the Chancellor, and that 288 days of this leave must be used for on-campus business with the remaining current 288 days for union business away from the home campus. All union reimbursable leave requests must be submitted no less than five days in advance of the leave date or it is deemed denied.

  • The parties may agree to uses the expedited American Arbitration Association arbitration procedures for Health and Safety grievances.

  • The parties may agree that supervisors have another administrative representative at Level One of both the Complaint and Grievance procedures.

  • Vacancies for emergency temporary appointments of 180 days or less need not be posted, and such appointments may be renewed up to but not beyond 180 days, with the appointee becoming a member of the bargaining unit on the 91st day of employment.

  • The following changes are made regarding probationary employment appeal rights in exchange for the withdrawal of pending legislation on these issues:

    • Employees shall be evaluated by the end of the third, sixth and eleventh months.

    • An employee rejected from probation after six months in probationary status may use the complaint procedure starting at level III to appeal this decision only in cases where alleging that the evaluation procedures were not followed, or the decision to reject was either discriminatory, arbitrary or capricious.

    • If a complaint is not resolved at the Chancellor's Office level review, the complaint may be expedited to binding mediation, with the mediator's authority limited to affirming or revoking the decision to reject during probation.

  • In cases where an employee has an unrestricted medical return to work; the appropriate administrator believes the employee is unable to perform the job duties and the employee is unable to be at work while the decision is being reviewed, the employee must be placed on administrative leave.

  • Upon written request by CSEA, the CSU shall meet and confer on negotiable YRO implementation issues at each campus.

  • The custodian, lead custodian, laborer, and maintenance and laborer trainee classifications will be reviewed for possible revision.

  • A custodial labor-management committee is established to assess issues related to cleaning levels, square footage, cleaning methods, safety, equipment, and workload.

The agreement is a three-year agreement with salary and benefits reopeners in 2003-04 and 2004-05. We will post the new contract language on the CSU web page within the next few days.

Last updated: April 26, 2002