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Carrier, L. M., & Rosen, L. An Electronic Portfolio Project with Graduating Psychology Majors. Notes.


  1. Students completed all but one of the planned components of the e-portfolio. The appropriate hardware and software did not arrive in time for them to complete the video-editing component.
  2. The judging was done by a panel of faculty from the Psychology Department, and the criteria included the clarity in goals, the match between stated goals and e-portfolio content, the understanding of important concepts in psychology, and the functionality of the web site. To assign project grades, the instructors later evaluated the e-portfolios using roughly the same criteria; however, the simple presence of items in the e-portfolio was given emphasis over the other criteria.
  3. One student turned in a paper-and-pencil portfolio after the disk containing her e-portfolio crashed the night before it was due. The student had not backed up her work, prompting the instructors to plan to stress strongly the importance of backing up work in future versions of the project. Another student was assigned an Incomplete Grade in the course because her personal and work-related activities interfered with her ability to complete the project.
  4. In fact, the project has continued to produce the same results every semester since the pilot project. The class has become so popular that there is a waiting list for the course each term.

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