Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)

Mission Statement

The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) is an Academic Program of the California State University System devoted to promoting the highest standards of university teaching and to fostering faculty professional growth and collaboration throughout the 23-campus California State System. The ITL broadly defines faculty professional growth to encompass the multiple roles of faculty relating to teaching, research, and service.

Teaching and Learning in the CSU Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities in the CSU Faculty Service in the CSU

To read about faculty who have been recognized for outstanding performance in these three areas, please go to the Outstanding Faculty of the California State University page.

Academic and Student Affairs Professional Development Calendar

CSU Reacting to the Past Faculty Workshop - March 8-9, 2019 - CSU Northridge

Academic and Student Affairs Professional Development Calendar

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Co-Requisite Instruction Courses

CSU Academic Technology Services has recently executed Master Enabling Agreements with technology companies to provide online “co-requisite” services that support retention and tutoring with several vendors:

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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI), created at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, is a non-remedial academic assistance program that utilizes peer-facilitated study sessions. SI Leaders are students who have previously done well in the course. They attend all classes, take notes, and model learning behavior. They lead regular sessions outside of class in which students work collaboratively build skills and learn course material.

CSU Academic Technology Services has been leading the Supplemental Instruction (SI) initiative for the past 4 years and has assembled a collection of resources about the value and outcomes of using SI. Multiple campuses have won national awards for SI producing student success with our support.

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Stretch Courses

A sequence of two (or more) courses in which the content of one-term course is “stretched” across two or more terms. Increased instructional time allows for more scaffolding and formative feedback to assist students in achieving learning outcomes.

CSU Northridge Stretch Composition Program

National Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA) annotated research bibliography of stretch courses

Arizona State University

Discussion of the development of ASU’s Stretch Program

Progress report on ASU’s Stretch Program with 10 years of data

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Course Redesign With Technology

CSU Academic Technology Services has been leading the Course Redesign with Technology program since 2013. Cohorts of math and English faculty have redesigned courses, incorporating innovative instructional approaches and technologies to increase achievement of learning outcomes. Evidence of student success can be reviewed in more than 300 faculty teaching e-Portfolios across all disciplines in the Course Redesign with Technology e-Portfolio Showcase.