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December 15
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Late August
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Early June

Sweden: Overview

Uppsala is about 50 miles north of Stockholm and inland in an area of fertile plains. Uppsala is rich in Scandinavian history, having been the country's royal capital 1,500 years ago.

Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is the oldest of Sweden's six universities and is internationally famous for its leadership in research. Today the university enrolls over 25,000 students in a wide variety of disciplines.

CSU students pursue full-time studies in selected departments of Uppsala University including:

  • European Studies (European culture and society, economics, geography, history, languages, literature, and political science).
  • Global/International Studies (An expansion of the European Studies program, this program focuses on international/global issues and topics).
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (Anthrolopology, Economics, History, Languages, Literature, and Political Science).
  • Media & Communication Studies

CSU students are fully matriculated and integrated into the host university community. Instruction is conducted in English. CSU students may view courses taught in English in the aforementioned academic disciplines on the Uppsala University Web site.