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Study abroad through the California State University (CSU) International Programs (IP) is for any CSU student who wants to learn more about the people and cultures around them and explore the possibilities the world has to offer. You can learn another language or study in English. This is a chance to challenge yourself to learn more, see more, and do more than you thought you could.

The world around us has continued to grow more inter-connected and inter-dependent in the last few years. Study abroad can enhance your economic competitiveness. Globalization requires the development of more people who can speak different languages and have international skills and global competence. It requires more students who have had significant experiences abroad.

Education abroad is for real CSU students just like you. A year abroad through IP can be within your reach. With the support of the CSU, IP works to keep programs costs comparable to the cost of spending a year at your campus here in California. Financial aid and scholarships are available to help make a year of living and learning abroad affordable.

IP works with more than 70 universities around the world so that you can earn credit toward your degree. From Anthropology to Zoology and from Chinese to Zulu you can challenge yourself academically and at the same time earn credit toward your CSU degree.

Explore this website, then explore the world. Welcome to International Programs.

Leo Van Cleve