International Programs

How to Apply

Interested students who are pursuing degrees at one of our partners are advised to contact the exchange coordinator at their home university about the possibility of participating in this exchange. Participation can depend on various factors including the number of exchange places available at the CSU. If places are available, then the exchange coordinator facilitates the selection process and nominates students for this program.

Most exchange students begin their exchange at the CSU in August/September. This means that students should approach their exchange coordinator about participating in exchange at least one year prior.

Once a student has been nominated by his/her exchange coordinator for this exchange, the student will be required to submit the following:

  • CSU Systemwide Exchange Application

  • Financial documents which verify that funds are available to support the student while on exchange.

  • An original English proficiency test score. See English Language Proficiency Requirements.

  • Statement of Purpose (one page only).

  • A photocopy of the student’s passport showing the student’s photo, full legal name and place of birth.

  • Official transcripts from all tertiary institutions/universities that the student has attended.

The application and related documents are updated for each intake and will be available on this website and/or provided directly to exchange coordinators.

From the time a student expresses interest in this exchange until the student applies and gets accepted to a CSU campus students should be in contact with their exchange coordinators rather than contacting the CSU International Programs or any of the CSU campuses.