International Programs

Course Crediting

All coursework attempted on IP will be reported to the student’s home CSU campus as resident credit (not transfer credit).  The appropriate authorities at the student’s home campus determine the applicability of coursework completed for major, minor, general education, and elective degree requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide course descriptions, syllabi, assignments, and other course materials to their home campus academic advisors in order to apply for credit towards specific degree requirements.   With the assistance of their advisors, students should expect to complete campus-based forms (petitions or course substitution requests) unless advised otherwise.  If courses are not needed for any degree requirements, then it is usually not necessary to complete any other forms. 

Even with prior approval for course credit, students are strongly advised to retain all course information until after the degree is completed.

Specific questions regarding CSU campus policies and how courses will apply towards the degree should be directed to home campus academic advisors rather than OIP or study center staff.