International Programs

When Academic Reports are Sent

Due to the variances in grade reporting procedures, the complexities of translating academic information into CSU terms, and host university office closures between semesters and for holidays, it can take a minimum of four months (and sometimes longer depending on the program and specific circumstances) from the date that the program ended to finalize reports. This means that for programs ending in July (Chile, Germany and Japan), reports may not be sent until November. Note that in the case of France (Paris), Germany, Ghana and Sweden, reports may take six months or longer to process due to differences in reporting systems used by institutions in these countries. 

To returning CSU IP students

While we understand how anxious you are to get your report, please understand that excessive phone calls and emails to our office about when your report will be sent can result in further delays so please be patient during this time.  Your patience helps the OIP to process reports quicker.

For students returning to their campuses after IP participation, reporting times can sometimes have an impact on course registration processes.  Students trying to access certain courses are advised to approach the appropriate office at their home campus to ask if they can receive special consideration in light of the time that it takes to process academic reports. 

Due to the time it takes to process reports, graduating seniors should be prepared to delay their graduation, if necessary.  

To CSU IP students who are receiving financial aid

Before each group of students depart for their host countries, our office sends a list of all participants to various campus offices including the study abroad office, registration/records office and the financial aid office.   Even though your financial aid office was notified of your participation in IP, we are aware that you may still receive a notice that you may not receive your financial aid as scheduled for various reasons, including not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirement.

Each campus handles this matter differently so read the notice carefully as it may not necessarily mean you are ineligible to receive next semester’s financial aid. Depending on your campus, you may be granted a waiver or have been instructed to file an appeal. To resolve this issue, contact your financial aid office and ask to be put in contact with the person in charge of IP participants.  Remind the financial aid counselor that you are a returning IP participant and request special consideration in the handling of your financial aid.   Share the information found your Participant Guide on Academic Reporting with your financial aid counselor.  If you continue to have difficulties with your financial aid, please email our Finances Department at

IMPORTANT: If students have an outstanding account related to their international studies, the Academic Report will not be released until the debt has been cleared. Notification of outstanding accounts will be sent to the student’s permanent home address.