Undergraduate Preparation for Prospective Teachers

Call to Action in California. There is greater statewide attention to the importance of quality teacher education programs today than ever before. With substantial state investment in Class Size Reduction legislation along with significant growth in student K-12 enrollments, the need for new and well qualified teachers has never been greater. In addition, as part of the call for all students to meet world class academic standards, there is a growing awareness that this ambitious goal can only be accomplished with a well prepared teaching force.

As a result of these concerns, there has been an enormous statewide interest in expanding and strengthening teacher preparation programs. The recently concluded work of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing SB 1422 Advisory Panel is the latest manifestation of this interest. Of particular interest to many within the university community, has been the emphasis on providing opportunities for undergraduates to pursue teacher education coursework and field experiences during their undergraduate years.

To respond to these statewide concerns, as well as to learn about teacher education reform efforts underway within the California State University system, the CSU Institute for Education Reform, in conjunction with the Chancellor's Office Division of Academic Affairs, sponsored a two day conference in October, 1997 entitled, "Strengthening Teacher Education in the Undergraduate Years." Attended by over 150 CSU leading faculty and administrators, the conference provided rich opportunities for all participants to exchange information, compare viewpoints and discuss strategies for moving forward to respond to the tremendous need for more and better prepared teachers for the 21st century.

To learn more about the issues addressed by this conference, please view the following materials:

Preconference Background Papers Conference Proceedings Document

List Proc - In addition, as a tool for establishing electronic communication opportunities among campus faculty and administrators interested in continuing discussion on these issues, we are sponsoring a listproc on this topic. EDREFORM-L is a discussion group for members of the CSU community - faculty, administrators, and other interested individuals to pose questions/comments/ideas about strengthening undergraduate preparation for prospective teachers. This group has been established to continue the discussions begun at the Strengthening Teacher Education in the Undergraduate Years in October, 1997 in San Diego. Participants in the conference expressed a desire to have an ongoing means of electronic communications to share progress, request information and pose questions about topics related to this issue. The list will also serve as an information center for information about follow-up activities to the San Diego conference.

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