Education Policy Development and Implementation

The Institute co-sponsors the California Education Policy Seminar which provides a neutral forum for state-level education policy makers and educators to gain in-depth knowledge about emerging policy issues. The seminars have contributed to the development, modification, and enactment of education reform initiatives in California. The California Education Policy Seminar is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Walter S. Johnson Foundations, the Pioneer Fund, the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, the Weingart Foundation and the Stuart Foundations.

These gatherings are intended to evoke thoughtful discussion and new approaches to education policy. Following each seminar a proceedings document, which reports on the conversation and contains suggestions for future action, is published by the IER and widely distributed to policymakers and education leaders throughout California.

The seminars have made an important contribution to state education policy development, modification and enactment in the areas of reading instruction, evaluation of the class size reduction program and, as noted above, the development of a statewide strategic plan for recruiting teachers for California's schools. The IER staff frequently assist legislators and their staff in drafting bills to implement policy changes.

Topics under consideration for the 1997-98 academic year include:

  • Advanced Placement Exams: Student Accessibility and Academic Consequences in California Public Schools;
  • New Salary Compensation Models for California Teachers;
  • Identification of High Performing Schools in Low Social-Economic Neighborhoods; and
  • Survey Analysis of California Elementary Schools' Instructional Practices in the Teaching of Beginning Reading.

Recent seminar proceedings include "Teachers and Teaching" (Macintosh Pagemaker 6.0 document), "State Policies and School Restructuring" (Macintosh Pagemaker 6.0 document), and "School Choice: Lessons Learned". Upcoming proceedings will include "The Teaching of Reading" and "Helping Children With Language Disabilities to Read".

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