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Footnote Code

A code which indicates the footnote or special message for a particular class or group of classes. Also used to identify a Trade Rate class.


Footnote Code


00 No footnote.
01 Interim Code Pending CMS Baseline Solution.
02 This class has been superseded but will be retained along with the new class until conversion to the new class has been affected, however, no new appointments or reclassifications may be made to this class.
03 Movement of salaries for these classes must be recommended by the Chancellor and approved by the Board of Trustees.
04 Supplements class code 2360.  For use only when the campus has exceeded the maximum allowable position serial numbers for class 2360.
05 Maximum paid per term.
06 Use of this class has been suspended until further notice.
07 Not in use.
08 Not in use.
09 Not in use.
10 Special Schedule 1 extension class 2363.
11 This class is to be used to cover the equivalent ranks for instructional faculty, former designated discipline, faculty, vocational instructor, and lecturers.  The monthly payment is 1/3 of quarterly salary.  The quarterly payment is 1/3 of academic year salary.
12-13 Employees of the Trustees serving in overseas assignments under contracts with the Federal Government may receive an overseas differential for dislocation purposes provided by the particular granting agency contracting for the services, in addition to their base salaries under the above codes when such contract so permits, provided that any such increase shall be fully reimbursable to the state by the Federal Government under such contract.
14 See Special Schedule 3 class code 2357.
15 Total summer payment is 1/12 of annual salary at equivalent rank and salary rate.  Payments must be made in either June, July or August.  Total summer payment for services performed is limited to 1 month per calendar year. Payment is in addition to any amount incumbents may earn in campus summer sessions.
16 5% to 35% differential above the appropriate salary as an academic year instructional faculty member.
17 5% to 35% differential above the appropriate salary as a 12-month instructional faculty member.
18 Salaries for this class are established by the Chancellor for specific campus or consortium use.
19 See Special Schedule 3 class code 2417. 
20 See Special Schedule 2 class code 2418.
21 Total summer payment is 1/4 of annual salary at equivalent rank and salary rate.  Individuals appointed to this class should be appointed at the beginning of the June pay period and separated at the end of the August pay period.
22 See Special Schedule 2 class code 2322.
23 See Special Schedule 1 class code 2323.
24 Employees in this classification may be exempt under FLSA.  Exemption status must be determined for each individual, based on the duties and salary assigned.
25 Some graduate assistants whose work involves research related to their course of study may not be subject to FLSA requirements.  Refer to CSU policy on graduate assistants for more information.
26 A unit of pay is earned for each week of instruction in a summer arts course or workshop. Reduced pay rates apply whenever course enrollments fall below a given minimum established for each course. Pay rates are in addition to room and board plus travel to the location allowed at state mileage rates as provided by the summer arts program.
27 Steps 2-7 are eligible for a six month increase. Step 1 requires a one year interval.
28 Chancellor's Office authorization is required prior to use.
29 Usage of this class is limited to full-time faculty unit employees who perform bargaining unit work as additional employment, pursuant to Article 36 of the Unit 3 collective bargaining agreement. Full-time academic year faculty unit employees may also be appointed in this class to perform bargaining unit work during break periods between academic terms
30-49 Not in use.
50 Trade rate classes.
51 Not in use.
52 Trade rate - superseded class.
53 Not in use.
54 Not in use.
55 Not in use.
56 Not in use.
57 Not in use.
 58 Not in use.
59 Not in use.
60 Class has no method of compensation.
61-87 Not in use.
 88 Movement of salaries for these classes must be recommended by the Chancellor and approved by the Board of Trustees.
89-99 Not in use.

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