Salary Program Guidelines for
SETC (Unit 6) Employees

Critical Skills Bonus
Processing Instructions

Processing Responsibility: Campus
Processing Date(s):
  • Effective 9/22/09 through 6/30/11, $500 bonuses for certifications obtained before 09/22/09 may be awarded at the discretion of the Presidents.
  • Payment for the initial certification and $250 bonus for the renewal shall be made within 30 days after the Director of Plant Operations or appropriate administrator has determined that the employee has renewed the certification from a pre-approved training program.
Earnings ID:


CMS Earnings ID: BN2 - Process via Additional Pay
Pay Amount or Formula:
  • One-time $500 bonus for the following certifications: Certified Electrician, Certified Building Operator, Certified Steam Operator/Universal Steam Certification.
  • $250 bonus for renewal of the above certifications.
Taxable/Reportable: Yes
Subject to Medicare: Yes
Subject to Social Security: Yes
Subject to Retirement Withholding: No
Included in Calculation for Overtime: Yes
Included in NDI/IDL: No
Additional Information:
  • HR/Salary 2009-10
  • Pursuant to provision 24.38 of the CBA, employees who are asked by the CSU to satisfactorily complete and obtain certifications are eligible for the initial $500 one-time bonus.
  • Pursuant to provision 24.41, employees who are required by the CSU to renew their certification will be eligible to receive a $250 bonus.
  • The decision whether to request employees to obtain such a certification is at the sole discretion of the CSU.
  • The critical skills bonuses will be available for the life of this agreement.

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Last updated: October 21, 2008

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