Salary Program Guidelines for
APC (Unit 4) Employees

Recruitment, Retention, & Critical Skills Bonuses

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Amount Payment
Earnings ID CMS Earnings ID
2000/01 - Present Discretion of President Campus funds: at any time
  • GL (non-exempt)
  • GK (exempt)
  • BN2 (non-exempt)
  • BN1 (exempt)

  • General Information

    • The following bonuses are available for Unit 4 employees, at the discretion of the President, and may be awarded at any time:

      1. Recruitment Bonus: may be offered to a candidate as an inducement to commit to employment with the CSU. If the candidate does not complete the probationary period, the bonus must be returned to the CSU.

      2. Retention Bonus: may be awarded to an employee for staying with the CSU and who is in a position in a classification that is critical to the ongoing operations of the CSU, is in short supply in the labor market, and is a difficult to recruit for classification. The requirements for this bonus must be made in writing. The employee must commit to a minimum of 12 months at the CSU to be eligible.

      3. Critical Skills Bonus: may be awarded to an employee who possesses and uses skills that are necessary and critical to the ongoing operations of the CSU.
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